Bring Ceramics Alive

The ceramic modelling platform

Expert Lab Service announces Ceramics Genome®, the new online platform dedicated to ceramic modelling and calculation, body and glaze formulation, and traceability of raw and semi-finished materials throughout the production process.

Ceramics Genome® was born from our passion for ceramic science, and fueled by our disposition of carefully listening the needs of laboratories and customers. The platform is rooted in 30 years of experience in the development of brilliant ceramic computing software and it is the natural successor of GlazeMaster e TileMaster.

Our Value

For Product Development

The Ceramist is the final user of our platform. Ceramics Genome helps in modeling the materials and the process, optimizing their cost and predicting their final properties and behaviour. The Marketplace offers an updated view on available products from suppliers.

For Quality Control

Ceramics Genome links all historical data for raw materials and semifinished coming from suppliers or being produced internally. Advanced comparison tools allow to highlight differences and similarities. Connects laboratory data with production outcomes.

For the Laboratory

Ceramics Genome can automatically backup and interpret laboratory data, connecting multiple individual analyses to the same sample, batch and material.

For Suppliers

Suppliers of ceramic raw materials and semifinished (bodies and glazes) can publish their products on the Ceramics Genome Marketplace, revealing as much information as they are comfortable with. The published properties will be used in formulations and models by the final customers.


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