Composition Database: Decompose everything into everything else

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An advanced database allows to record any material property and run faceted queries with multiple fields and compositional ranges.

Ceramic GenomeĀ® can detail every characteristic of materials and processes, and their variation in time can be easily tracked, queried and reconstructed.

We employ the best big data technology to store and index up to millions of documents, each one representing materials, components, processes, formulas, operations, optimizations, actors, entities, and much more. Each document contains hundreds of fields, and can be furthermore expanded and customized by power users.

Data can be exported to spreadsheet, for further processing with external tools.

Multi-faceted query

Our indexing engine allows to query all these fields together, by means of a flexible search form. Any numerical field can be queried by expressing a table of allowed ranges. Even composition tables can be queried by expressing ranges of desired materials.

For example, it is possible to search for all materials having weight loss on firing (LOI) within a range of 2% and 6%. At the same time, it is possible to require certain oxides to be within a given range (20% < SiO2 < 25%) or maybe even absent (Fe2O3==0%).

The user can define computed fields by combining other fields, both numerical and compositional. For example, defining the ratio of two oxides (SiO2 and Al2O3) becomes straightforward. Custom fields are then indexed and quickly become searchable along with all other parameters.


Documents are versioned: each edit generates a corresponding version document, that you can always revert to.

Our platform is powerful and extensible: contact us to discuss your requirements.